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            – Nationwide Service –

            Headquartered in Lake Oswego, OR

            Mission Statement

            “Drone Age Media utilizes drone technology to deliver high-quality and visually stunning footage to its clients.”


            Drone Age Media,LLC was established in 2014 by Brenton Olson in West Linn, OR. Unlike most competitors new to radio-controlled aircraft, Brenton has had a passion for piloting radio-controlled aircraft for over 17 years. This gives Drone Age Media a huge advantage in piloting around areas with people and moving objects where someone not experienced could be a danger to not only property damage, but could also injure bystanders.

            We believe that aerial filming is an art form, supported by advanced technology. We utilize the latest custom-designed camera platforms and advanced electronic gyro-stabilization technology to capture stunning aerial imagery from full 1080p up to 4K resolution. Our leading-edge camera platforms and creative team allow us to capture spectacular imagery and film sequences that will simply amaze your audience.

            Our fleet of drones can fit any application from filming real estate to a full production commercial or television show.






            Drone Age Media is highly experienced in the aviation environment, which enables our team to safely plan and film our shoots. We obtain all required permits and permissions prior to filming.

            Safety is our #1 priority, and we perform all of our filming according to our strict operational and safety policies. You can also rest assured that Drone Age Media is fully insured with a comprehensive liability policy and all pilots are legally allowed to fly commercially.

            – All Drone Age Media pilots carry at least one of the following –

            Private Pilots License

            Commercial Pilots License

            FAA 333 Exemption

            FAA 107 Exemption

            US FAA 333 Exemption






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